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Show off your brand personality with quirky and personalisable rewards

Digital gift cards are boring : build stronger relationships with memorable physical gifts delivered straight to their door. Choose from brownies, champagne and merchandise, to maternity hampers and more.

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Send effortlessly through your existing tools (zero dev time)

Send adhoc or automated via your email, crm, livechat and more.


WeDelight sorts all the associated admin

From capturing delivery addresses and reward sub-preferences, to legals and delivery notifications.

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Gamify Your On-boarding

Incentivise key feature usage to get your customers to value asap, fully activated, and improve your free-to-paid conversions.

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Engagement At Scale

Create personal touch-points in your customer journeys that scale. Produce satisfied customers and brand advocates.


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Enticing Referral Incentives

Create captivating referral programmes that actually perform. Use via your NPS tool to target your top promoters.

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Feedback Requests That Convert

Incentivise customer interviews, case studies, and feedback surveys. Get them booked in effortlessly with our calendar integrations. 


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Arm Your Support Team

Reduce after-complaint churn with edible and personalised gifts.

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Reward Remote Employees

Send borderless physical rewards and leave no-one out.

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Accelerate Sales

Grab the attention of sales prospects and keep them moving down the funnel.

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